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Library Rules and Regulations


Sligo County Library User Policy has been created to protect the rights and safety of Library members, staff and for preserving and protecting the library’s materials, equipment and facilities. Quiet and co-operative behaviour is expected at all times.

  1. Zero Tolerance Policy:

    Library patrons are expected to adhere to our Zero Tolerance Policy.  This policy on unacceptable behaviour is in operation and enforced to ensure that our customers have an enjoyable library visit.

    Unacceptable Behaviour is:
    • The use of threatening or abusive behaviour towards customers or staff.
    • Partaking in any illegal activity (including false alarms to emergency services).
    • Damaging library property.
    • Entering areas of the library marked Staff Only.
    • Non compliance with health and safety procedures and fire drills.
    • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • Removing pages from library materials and publications.  When making copies, compliance to the Copyright Act 2000 is required.
    • Consuming food or beverages or using tobacco products.
    • Using mobile telephones or any other electronic device for voice communication other than in the event of an emergency during Open Library hours.
    • Removing materials from the library without first checking them out.
    Note:  Anyone engaging in disruptive behaviour will be denied further access to the library.  All our premises are CCTV monitored on a 24/7 basis.  
  2. 'Open Libraries' Policy:

    The following ‘Open Libraries’ User Policy has been created to protect the rights and safety of Library members and staff, for the preservation and protection of library materials, equipment and facilities and to ensure a welcoming environment for reading, learning and other library activities.  

    ‘Open Libraries’ conditions:
    • Members must be 18 years or over in order to become an ‘Open Library Member’.
    • Members must have an up-to-date clean membership with no fines or lost items linked to their existing account in order to become an ‘Open Library Member’.
    • Members must watch the associated power point presentation which clearly explains the layout and operations of the library when in its unstaffed ‘Open Libraries’ mode. A form is then signed stating that you have clearly understood the terms and conditions of this enhanced membership status.
    • Parents/Guardians/Carers take total responsibility for children under 18 in their care and must be present at all times.  This is an unsupervised service.
    • Any ‘Open Library Member’ who allows or facilitates access to a ‘Non Open Library Member’ will be in breach of regulations and as such will face loss of membership.



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