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Grooveberry Project

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The Grooveberry Project

As launched by Sligo Libraries in September 2014, The Grooveberry Project seeks to encourage primary school children to utilise the broad range of music and I.T. resources available in their local library through the provision of a variety of music history and composition workshops aimed at children from 4 to 12 years of age.

Music History Workshops

This workshop series seeks to encourage children to  explore a wide variety of musical styles, focusing particularly on the genres of jazz, classical music, electronic music and the cultural music of Africa, Russia and China. These class aim to develop children’s aural skills, providing a firm foundation in musical theory in the areas of pitch, instrumentation, dynamics, rhythm, articulation, tempo and genre, cultivating a greater understanding of music history while building on the musical skills already acquired by pupils in the primary school setting. 

Sound Art Exhibition

This initiative seeks to encourage primary school children to explore the field of musical composition through the medium of technology. Here this project aims to facilitate the creation of a series of individual compositions which highlight the library as a portal to the boundless realm of imagination and inspiration, whereby children’s favourite library book is utilised as impetus and inspiration for each musical work culminating in production of an interactive sound art installation exhibited in their local library.





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