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Our collection of maps is divided into Sligo County maps, Sligo Town and Borough maps, Estate maps and Maritime maps.

A. To view our online collection of Maps, please click on the link "Digital Collections" and scroll to the relevant section.

  • The Down Survey was a survey of Ireland carried out by English scientist William Petty in the late 1650's.It is referred to as the Down survey as all the information collected was mapped or written down. This collection contains approx 150 items.
  • In the 19th Century the Ordnance Survey of Ireland completed the first large scale survey of an entire country resulting a highly regarded and accurate set of maps. County Sligo was surveyed in 1837 and these maps have been digitised and are available online.
  • A by product of the Ordnance Survey maps are the Name Books. Irishman John O’ Donovan was commissioned to compile books listing placenames together with information on the value and quality of the land, physical features and the origin of placenames themselves.
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