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Sligoe 400


The Sligoe 400 History Committee under the auspices of Sligo Borough Council have now completed a commemorative Sligoe 400 calendar which was used to raise funds for Sligo based charities and an exhibition (please see links below) covering 400 years of Sligo’s history which has toured second level schools in both the Borough and the County.

The Committee has now been asked to produce a book entitled “100 Treasures  Of Sligo”.   It is intended that the book will be a collector’s piece and will document 100 artefacts which are priceless in terms of their value to the people of Sligo and also which commemorate important aspects of our history in Sligo.

The Committee wish to appeal to members of the public in Sligo and around the world who may have what they consider to be an artefact of importance and which they feel should be included in the book. To this end we wish to appeal to all our customers/readers to take part in this celebration of Sligo’s rich history. Any suggestions on what you think should be included in the "100 Treasures of Sligo" can be emailed to


Aspects of its history over 400 years

Sligoe 400 commemorates the granting of The Charter of Sligo. The process of the incorporation of the Borough of Sligoe which was formally given assent on the 26th September 1612 and resulted in the creation of the Borough of Sligoe on the 20th March 1613, by virtue of the Letters Patent granted.

Introduction (PDF) - 3,037 kbs  

The Borough of Sligo - Physical Development (PDF) - 2,635 kbs  

Charters and Patent Holders (PDF) - 2,205 kbs  

Population and Demography (PDF) - 10,719 kbs  

Provosts and Mayors (PDF) - 2,106 kbs  

Sligo Port (PDF) - 3,728 kbs  

Transport (PDF) - 4,538 kbs  

Utilities – Gas/Water (PDF) - 2,221 kbs  

Public Buildings (PDF) - 1,954 kbs  

Religious Buildings (PDF) - 2,103 kbs  

Merchant Princes of Sligo (PDF) - 2,541 kbs  

Prominent Sligonians (PDF) - 2,115 kbs  

Wynnes of Hazelwood (PDF) - 2,549 kbs  

The Cromwellian and Jacobite Wars (PDF) - 2,461 kbs  

Military – Garrison Town (PDF) - 4,897 kbs  

Crime and Punishment – Gaol (PDF) - 2,294 kbs  

Disease and Famine (PDF) - 2,373 kbs  

First and Second World Wars (PDF) - 2,954 kbs  

Civil War – “The Troubles” – In Sligo Town 1921-1923 (PDF) - 2,069 kbs  

Proportional Representation (PDF) - 6,226 kbs  

Sport (PDF) - 4,694 kbs  




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