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08/04/2014 -

One Click Digital online Audiobooks


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For visually impaired users who wish to follow JAWS instructions please download  Jaws Guidelines for downloading Audio books June 2012 (PDF) - 76 kbs



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Create new account.

Please click on the link below to get started setting up your Sligo Library - One Click Digital account. For this process you will need your Sligo Library Card number (User ID number that is on the back of your library card) to hand. If your User ID is only 4 digits long you will need to get your card updated at your nearest branch library as this service only recognises library cards with a 7 digit User ID. Your new library card will be free of charge.

Important Information.

On initial set up you will also need to download the One Click Digital (O.C.D) Media Player for Windows or Mac depending on your PC. This download will take several minutes. Once downloaded this gives you the option to, thereafter, log directly into the O.C.D media player and browse for titles. To download either the Windows or Mac version please click on the link below;


Getting Started

Once you have (i) your new account set up and (ii) the relevant version of the O.C.D Media Player installed, you're ready to start borrowing titles.

You need to log into the Sligo Library - One Click Digital Homepage.

Once this is done you will see a variety of Audiobook cover images on the screen.

You can also do a quick search for a title/author or do a browse by genre (both options on top of screen).

When happy with your selected title you simply click on the image and a more detailed information page regarding the title will appear.

Click on the button "checkout now" on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

You then need to click on the "My Collections" tab on the top left hand corner of the screen in order to see your checked out item.

Underneath your item you need to click on the option to "Download now".

Depending on your computer it may save the relevant audio file in a specified location on your hard-drive or may prompt you to log directly into the O.C.D media player.

Regardless you will have to log into the O.C.D media player and select the option "Download and transfer" if you wish to transfer to a portable device*. Otherwise you can play the Audiobook on your PC by using the generic play/pause buttons displayed on the O.C.D media player.

*Information regarding Portable Devices.

If you intend to download to an Apple portable device (Iphone, Ipod or Ipad) you will also need Itunes installed on your computer. When you have the O.C.D media player open you select the "Download and transfer" button which will sync your apple device with Itunes and begin to transfer the audio files onto your device. This could take up to 20 minutes per title.

If you intend to download to an Android or other portable device you will have to change the "default device" option to other in the My Account/Preferences tab when logged in via the website.  You will also have to untick the One Click Digital Media Manager as being the "default player". If downloading in this fashion please ensure that your portable device can successfully play the selected format (MP3, WMA etc) of the downloaded audiobook in question. This rule also remains the same if you wish to simply play the selected Audiobook through a generic media player (such as windows Media player) on your PC.

One Click Digital APP

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For Apple Device users there is also the One Click Digital APP that can be downloaded for free, either by visiting the APPstore or clicking on the relevant APP link when you have logged onto the O.C.D website.

It is important to note that you must have an account set up via the O.C.D website before you can gain access to the O.C.D media player via the O.C.D APP. Once logged in you can browse for items and play selected ones. However, you need to retain your internet connection whilst doing so. You are unable to transfer and keep audiobooks directly to your portable device using the APP. To store titles on your portable device you must download onto your computer and transfer to your portable device.


Help tab

The following page will display a list of informative links to tutorial videos showing different aspects of OneClickdigital

For further assistance please email or call 071 9111680


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