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30/06/2015 -

Summer Reading Buzz

The Summer Reading Buzz

The Summer Reading Buzz is a children's reading challenge run by 13 Irish library authorities. The challenge is very simple.

Buzz -  Join your library: that’s easy and free.

Buzz -  Ask for a Summer Reading Buzz card: that’s also easy and free.

Buzz -  Read 10 books: might be slightly more difficult but it’s still free.

Buzz -  Make sure you get your rewards along the way: they’re free too!

Buzz -  Collect your cert on completion.

Children love being away from the formal and structured learning environment but there is no reason why they cannot keep learning during the summer months. Reading books every day will keep their reading levels up, extend their vocabulary, improve their spelling and they might even enjoy it.

There are lots of lists of recommended reads for children and most of them have a short blurb on what the book is about.  Always remember that the age guidelines given in these lists are very general. Your child may find the books too easy or too difficult. Let them decide themselves; they are on their holidays after all.

Use your nearest library to borrow the books. Membership is free and there is something for all the family there. You may find that the library also runs a programme of events and activities that are free to attend and a very pleasant way of spending an afternoon if the weather is dull. Ask our Library staff for more information.

All the children need to do to take part in the challenge is sign up, read 10 books and collect rewards along the way; it’s that simple.




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