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19/05/2015 -

Ireland 2016 : Grant Scheme


Sligo County Council, in association with Ireland 2016 and the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht wish to develop a programme of events to mark the centenary of 1916. Community funding is now available for local groups registered with Sligo County Council’s Public Participation Network (PPN) and local cultural and sporting institutions throughout County Sligo to play their part by developing an event/project to celebrate the centenary.


Ireland 2016 is a National initiative to develop, coordinate and deliver a programme for the 2016 centenary year with local, national, and international events, based on five intersecting themes, drawing inspiration from the ideals of 1916, the Proclamation, and the events of that time.

It is a call to action to REMEMBER the events of 1916, REFLECT on the last 100 years, and RE-IMAGINE Ireland’s future.

Each Local Authority will lead and enable an appropriate programme of ‘Remembering’, ‘Reflecting’, and Re-imagining’ for each county. An interim programme will be prepared for consultation in April / May 2015 and a final programme for each county will be published in Oct 2015.


Ireland 2016 – Sligo Grant Scheme - Information on Grant (PDF) - 75 kbs  

Ireland 2016 : Sligo Grant Scheme - Application Form 2015 (PDF) - 56 kbs  

Ireland 2016 – Sligo Grant Scheme - Application Form 2016 (PDF) - 55 kbs  


What is the purpose of Sligo County Council’s Ireland 2016 : Sligo Grant Scheme?

The key objective of the Ireland 2016 : Sligo Fund is to provide support to local and community event organisers and activities / projects that will contribute to the commemoration of Ireland 2016 in County Sligo. The Fund is being administered by Sligo County Council.

The Five Themes

In order to be successful, projects must correspond with one or more of the following themes:

  • Historical – Commemorating the historic events of the Easter Rising in 1916 and in particular remembering those participants from County Sligo.
  • Community – confronting the divisions of the past and reflect on how the ideals of the Proclamation and citizenship were rekindled and contributed to reconciliation.
  • Diaspora - Engage with and include our Sligo citizens around the globe in celebrating the centenary of 1916.
  • Cultural – Showing how as a Republic we took our place ‘among the nations’ expressing our individuality and maturity through our own distinctive culture, sport and language.
  • Educational – to inform and reflect on the ideals of citizenship with our younger generations.



The following must be demonstrated:

  • The extent to which the proposed initiative is aligned to the five themes of “Ireland 2016 : Sligo”
  • The extent to which the proposed initiatives maximize community and citizen engagement and mobilization around the key “Ireland 2016 : Sligo” themes
  • The extent to which the proposed initiative connects with the events of the 1916 Easter Rising and those who fought or died during that time
  • The extent to which the project proposed is unique, innovative, creative, interesting and likely to make an impact
  • The potential scope of the project within the local authority area and anticipated target audience
  • The cost of completing the proposed project
  • Any additional supports and funding that may be required and have been secured from relevant stakeholders
  • The feasibility of project completion within the timeframe allocated
  • For seed projects in 2015 to have agreed deliverables completed by mid October 2015.


What Funding amounts are available?

In 2015 the total available funding is €28,000 for seed projects to be commissioned in 2015. Applicants must ensure that their event/project necessitates seed funding.

In 2016 there will be an additional grant allocation where the total funding available will be a minimum of €60,000.

Successful projects that demonstrate relevance to the above themes will be eligible for funding of €1000 minimum.

Sligo County Council’s “Ireland 2016 : Sligo” Working Group will evaluate each application and make recommendations to Sligo County Council’s Steering Group for approval.


Who is eligible to apply?

  1. Groups or organisations registered with Sligo County Council’s Public Participation Network (PPN) that plan to organise community events / activities in 2016.

    The event/project must be based in County Sligo and take place before December 2016.
  2. Institutions such as sporting, cultural, business, agriculture and trades groups who are based in County Sligo and carry out their activities principally in County Sligo. Institutions who’s application includes a partnership element with an existing member of Sligo County Council’s PPN will be considered. The event/project will ideally be based in County Sligo and take place before December 2016


All applicants/institutions must be tax compliant in order to qualify for grant payment.


Which tranche of funding should I apply for?

  1. Seed funding should only be applied for in the case of groups or organisations that require a long lead in period in terms of commissioning for delivery in early 2016. The closing date for which is 4pm, 28th May 2015. Monies granted under this scheme must be spent by November 20th 2015 at the latest.
  2. All other applications should apply for the second tranche of funding as outlined below. The closing date for which is 4pm, 21st August 2015. Monies granted under this scheme must be spent by November 20th 2016 at the latest.


Projects should emphasise the following:

  • Be focused on developing strong links with the communities in Sligo or the Sligo Diaspora.
  • Demonstrate a capacity to deliver i.e. the Community event Organiser(s) must provide evidence of and have a clear plan for delivering the project.
  • Have the capability to promote the event and provide for media coverage.
  • Celebrate / commemorate the event in a sensitive manner.
  • The project accords with the principles and actions outlined in the Ireland 2016 County Sligo Action Plan (May 2015).


There is no guarantee of funding for events which achieve the minimum eligibility criteria. The fund is limited and eligible applications will be evaluated on a competitive basis.


What items and expenses are excluded from the fund?

  • Expenditure on alcoholic beverages,fines, penalty payments, legal costs, audit fees, financial consultancy fees and wages and salaries of consultants are excluded.


How do I apply?

You should apply directly to Sligo County Council. Only completed submissions received via the approved application form will be considered. The completed form must be sent to Mr. Donal Tinney, Co-ordinator Ireland 2016, County Hall, Riverside, Sligo (Marked clearly on the outside of the envelope “Ireland 2016 Funding Application”).

A signed version of the application must be scanned and emailed (with the appropriate signature(s) of the organiser) to  You may also submit accompanying additional documentation with your completed application form as appropriate.


Applications for seed funding in 2015 must be received by Sligo County Council offices by 4pm, on the 28th May, 2015.

Applications for events/projects in 2016 must be received by Sligo County Council by 4pm on the 21st  August 2015.


If I am successful how do I draw down the Fund?

Payment will only be made after the event/project has successfully taken place. In order to receive the payment, the successful applicant must complete a short Post Event Report Form (to be supplied by the Sligo County Council) and provide the following:

  • Evidence that the event has taken place (e.g. photographic evidence)
  • Receipts for the full costs
  • Note: Payment be made to community group and not to individual(s)

Funding not claimed by the agreed deadline will be forfeited.


How will I know if my group has been successful?

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing.

Successful applicants will receive a Letter of offer. This letter will form the contract between Sligo County Council and the organiser and will detail all conditions and requirements.

A list of successful applicants will be published on Sligo County Council’s website stating the name and date of the event taking place.



Once you have been notified that you have been successful in receiving funding, you must ensure that your event is promoted as part of this initiative and appropriate guidelines to support this will be included with the letter of offer. 


Ireland 2016 – Sligo Grant Scheme - Information on Grant (PDF) - 75 kbs  

Ireland 2016 : Sligo Grant Scheme - Application Form 2015 (PDF) - 56 kbs  

Ireland 2016 – Sligo Grant Scheme - Application Form 2016 (PDF) - 55 kbs  




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