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10/09/2015 -

Summer Reading Adventure

On Saturday the 5th  of September we were delighted to host a huge crowd at Ballymote Community Library to celebrate the end of the Summer Reading Adventure. At the beginning of the summer the children were given a bag and a special card to record their reading progress, as they came back each time they received gifts to encourage them along, bracelets, pencils, stickers etc. We also had a fun interactive Treasure Map with Islands themed with locations from popular children’s fiction, Narnia, Neverland, Wonderland, The Shire and Hogwarts to name a few. Each child could take a personalised badge and move it along the map as they progressed through their reading. Reading through the summer has been shown to reduce the effect of the summer reading loss or summer slide as it is also known whereby it takes students at least a month to catch up to the reading level they had been at before the summer break. This effect is increased where children have no access to books over the summer so being able to choose from a wide selection like that found at the library is very important for their ongoing educational progress. 

The scheme was extremely successful with just under 150 children participating in Ballymote Community Library alone and our special awards ceremony really helped the children feel appreciated for all their great reading over the summer with Leas-Cathaoirleach Paul Taylor to hand out Medals and Certificates, Story teller extraordinaire Wayne O’Connor and lots of sweets and goodies for all. We also announced the winners whose gorgeous designs will be used for the bookmarks we hand out in the library for the coming season.

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