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17/09/2015 -

On The Boiler

This event forms part of Sligo County Council’s Yeats 2015 Celebrations. 


Sligo County Council in association with the two Toastmaster Clubs, Innisfree and Sligo Toastmasters, are hosting this event on Thursday September 24th at 8pm in Sligo City Hall. Speakers will give a 3 minute speech on a variety of topics of relevance to Ireland in the modern era, incorporating the idea of “What would Yeats think about the topic under discussion”.

The title ‘On The Boiler’ refers to some of Yeats’ later commentaries on his poetry, one of which relates to an eccentric old sailor ‘the great McCoy’ who would often get on his soapbox down on the quays in Sligo and proceed to give speeches and lectures to those in the vicinity.  McCoy’s soapbox was a big rusty old ship’s boiler which lay on the quay.

A lively mix of light hearted and serious speeches are expected.

Admission is free and all are welcome.

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