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05/07/2016 -

Become a ‘Summer Star’ at your local Library

Did you know that reading gives children a head start in life in more ways than you might imagine?  With the school holidays now under way, the summer months provide an ideal opportunity for children to take time to find books they really enjoy and experience reading as an activity which is fun and a source of entertainment.  To support children’s reading this summer, all the public libraries in County Sligo are running the ‘Summer Stars’ reading programme for children up to the middle of August.  The ‘Summer Stars’ Programme is a free programme open to all children.

Each child who registers for the Reading Programme at their local library chooses books to read during their summer holidays.  They will receive a Summer Reading Card to record their progress along the way and a library reward stamp will be added to their reading card at the library after each book read.  Fun rewards will be provided along the way to encourage children to continue reading and at the end of the programme, all children who have participated will be invited to attend an awards event.

The Summer Stars Reading Programme provide the whole family with an opportunity to explore the full range of events and facilities which are available from their library service:

Children and their families will also have access to fun reading activities on the Summer Stars webpages at  The resource includes lots of fun activities, games, talking ebooks, stories, reading tips, book suggestions and funny interviews with children’s authors and other celebrities.

At the end of the adventure, all children who participated will be invited to attend an award event at which they will be presented with their award certificate and medal.  

The general exposure children have to books has been found to be particularly important for children’s overall development.  Numerous studies have shown strong connections between reading and children’s levels of self-confidence, independence, emotional development, empathy, imagination and creativity as well as their social skills and overall well-being.  The research has also found that children who have easy access to books in their homes, schools or from regular visits to a library develop stronger reading skills and more positive attitudes towards learning.  


Launch of the Summer Stars Reading Programme in Sligo Central Library with Cathaoirleach Councillor Hubert Keaney 
Launch of the Summer Stars Reading Programme in Sligo Central Library with Cathaoirleach Councillor Hubert Keaney




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