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It's as if the dying light is water music,
great nocturne, the painting of so much to come.
How it all moves in waves.

I see it in the clouds above
caressed by variation,
a libretto of air against their chests.

Each word tumbles
and each is the caller of your name,
my ear is like a shell that listens.

The breath I take is your breath,
and the moon that comes to shape itself is a song.


La Cathédrale
by Auguste Rodin, 1908

We are building a space so full of sighs,
so full of a language that no longer needs words, only lips
and the pressing together of skin.

What we need is embrace, but we hover inside this hesitation
almost touching, almost there inside a gentle moment.

We exist in the in-between and we’re so full with prayer.

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