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Special Services


Jaws 11.0 is a screen reader, designed to assist people who are blind or visually impaired. It assists the user through almost any programme on the computer. A Public Computer in each branch Library has JAWS software installed.

Through a few simple commands Jaws reads out the user's exact location on the computer. When using the internet, Jaws reads aloud the contents of the address bar to inform the user which webpage is displayed on the screen. Jaws will also inform the user of what programme they are using, and exactly how to use it. The user can also use Jaws to navigate between programmes and files, by listening to the instructions provided by the synthetic voice.

 JAWS screen


Kurzweil 3000 is a scanning, reading and writing programme designed to assist people with Specific Learning Difficulties. The main focus of this programme is to increase reading speed and comprehension. People can increase/decrease the amount of words read back to them per minute.  They can even click on a word to get a definition and even the pronunciation read back to them. This programme is also appropriate for those wishing to improve their English pronunciation as they can scan text from a book onto the screen and listen to it as it is read back to them.

Accessibility Options

All public computers have built in accessibility options such as magnifiers, narrators and on screen keyboards. to find these tools please click on Start, All Programs, Accessories and Accessibility.


Zoomtext is a magnification and screen reading programme designed for people with a visual impairment.  

Audio Books 

All branches have an audio book collection which is useful for blind and visually impaired persons. We work in co-operation with NCBI.

Hearing Induction Loop

Desks at Central Library and Tubbercurry Community Library are fitted with hearing induction loops.

Magnifier aids are available at all branches.

There are special large key keyboards available at Tubbercurry Community Library for anyone who may need them. They are used by those who need large keys in order to locate and operate keys on a keyboard.

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