How To Join

Any member of the public may visit and browse through our collections, free of charge.

How Do I Join The Library?

Anybody can join. Just complete the online form and provide identification which shows your current address when visiting the Library. Under 18s will need a guarantor.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s Free


Adults and Children may borrow a total of 12 items per person for a period of 3 weeks.

Opting In Your Mobile Phone

If you have not given us an email address and wish to receive automatic texts about requests, you have made being available for Pick up in your local library, you need to opt in your mobile phone. Please be aware that a mobile phone number may be used only once in Sierra (our library Management System). So it is one unique customer one unique mobile phone number. Read Instructions on Opting In Your Mobile Phone (PDF) – 299 kbs

Internet Access

To avail of free internet access, you must become a member by filling out the Online Form and abide by the rules and regulations in our Regulations for Use of Internet


if you are unable to return your items within the 3 week period, they may be renewed, in person, by telephone of Online before the date of return, provided the item has not been requested by another person.


Any book may be requested by the customer if it cannot be found on the shelf. Please ask Staff at the desk. Lending Materials from any of our libraries can be delivered on request to whichever library you use.


Your library card is always required to borrow items and use the computer facilities.
You may register at one branch library only. However, you may use your card at any of the libraries.
Reference material, journals, magazines and newspapers cannot be removed from the library.
Any items lost or damaged must be paid for.

Sligo County Library User Policy has been created to protect the rights and safety of Library members, staff and for preserving and protecting the library’s materials, equipment and facilities. Quiet and co-operative behaviour is expected at all times.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

Library patrons are expected to adhere to our Zero Tolerance Policy. This policy on unacceptable behaviour is in operation and enforced to ensure that our customers have an enjoyable library visit.

Unacceptable Behaviour is:

  • The use of threatening or abusive behaviour towards customers or staff.
  • Partaking in any illegal activity (including false alarms to emergency services).
  • Damaging library property.
  • Entering areas of the library marked Staff Only.
  • Non compliance with health and safety procedures and fire drills.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Removing pages from library materials and publications. When making copies, compliance to the Copyright Act 2000 is required.
  • Consuming food or beverages or using tobacco products.
  • Using mobile telephones or any other electronic device for voice communication other than in the event of an emergency during Open Library hours.
  • Removing materials from the library without first checking them out.
  • Note: Anyone engaging in disruptive behaviour will be denied further access to the library. All our premises are CCTV monitored on a 24/7 basis.

‘Open Libraries’ Policy:

The following ‘Open Libraries’ User Policy has been created to protect the rights and safety of Library members and staff, for the preservation and protection of library materials, equipment and facilities and to ensure a welcoming environment for reading, learning and other library activities.

‘Open Libraries’ conditions:

  • Members must be 18 years or over in order to become an ‘Open Library Member’.
  • Members must have an up-to-date clean membership with no fines or lost items linked to their existing account in order to become an ‘Open Library Member’.
  • Members must watch the associated power point presentation which clearly explains the layout and operations of the library when in its unstaffed ‘Open Libraries’ mode. A form is then signed stating that you have clearly understood the terms and conditions of this enhanced membership status.
  • Parents/Guardians/Carers take total responsibility for children under 18 in their care and must be present at all times. This is an unsupervised service.
  • Any ‘Open Library Member’ who allows or facilitates access to a ‘Non Open Library Member’ will be in breach of regulations and as such will face loss of membership.
  • View Sligo Libraries Privacy Statement

There are public computers available in all branches. These can be used to browse the internet, use any of our Online Resources or on some machines use Microsoft Office. Pages can be printed at a cost of 30 cent per page printed.

Users must become members by filling out the Online Form and agree to the conditions and sign the Regulations for Use of Internet 

Website and Catalogue


After becoming a member, Sligo Library Service issues a User ID and PIN number for you. Please keep your PIN number safe as you will need it along with your USER I.D number (which is on the back of your library card) in order to access your account online.

On the homepage of the library website, there are a number of “links” on the top right hand side of the page underneath the search box. These are called,

  1. Search the Catalogue
  2. Renew My Books
  3. Reserve An Item
  4. Review My Account
  5. Become A Member
  1. Search the Catalogue

    To search Sligo Libraries Catalogue, click on the link Search the Catalogue. Once selected a new page appears onscreen called Library Ireland EncoreYou can choose to do an advanced search by selecting Advanced Search (under the search box) or you can leave it at the default setting. For example you can search for a book by Graham Norton. Type in the name and hit return or Click on Search button.

    Search Catalogue Screen with information

  2. Renew My Loans

    To extend the date by which items are due to be returned, Click on the link Renew My Loans.

    You are now asked for your User Id (This is the number, which is underneath your signature and the barcode, on the back of your membership card) and your Pin Number.

    You can now either Renew All or Renew Marked.  Click on the box to the left of the title you wish to renew and a tick will be inserted. Then Click on the grey box titled Renew Selected Items.

    Once your item is renewed, you might wish to write the new return date on the date label of the book.

    N.B You may only renew books if they are not overdue. If your books have become overdue please contact the relevant library branch and staff will endeavour to assist your renewal claim.

  3. Reserve An Item

    Use Encore to Search and find the item that you would like to reserve. Select the Request it button by the item in your search results.

    Request Screen information

  4. Review My Account

    To review your account click on the link Review My Account

    You are now asked for your User Id (This is the number, which is underneath your signature and the barcode, on the back of your membership card) and your Pin Number. Ignore the alternate ID Field. Click on Display User Information.

    You are now shown a list of all items (if any) checked out to your account as well as any holds that you may have requested and their current status.

  5. Become a Member

    Complete the Online Form and provide identification which shows your current address when visiting the Library. Under 18s will need a guarantor.

    Online Form Screen

Use the Ecore Help button to guide you through all aspects of Library Encore Ireland.