Dr Iggy Mcgovern Refracting Rhymes

Thursday 15th November 6.30pm, Sligo Central Library, Stephen Street, Sligo

Iggy McGovern is Fellow Emeritus in Physics at Trinity College Dublin; he is also an award-winning poet. He has published three collections of poetry: The King of Suburbia (Dedalus Press 2005), Safe House (Dedalus Press 2010) and The Eyes of Isaac Newton (Dedalus Press 2017); A Mystic Dream of 4 (Quaternia Press 2013), is his verse biography of the 19th century Irish mathematician and poet, William Rowan Hamilton. He edited the anthology 20|12: Twenty Irish Poets Respond to Science in Twelve Lines (Dedalus Press 2012).

Refracting Rhymes

Poet and physicist, Dr Iggy McGovern, will describe how the refraction of light leads to an assortment of atmospheric phenomena that includes the mirage, the rainbow, the Glory and the Green Flash. These are set alongside poems, from William Wordsworth to William Butler Yeats, that, whether in support or otherwise, leaven the physics and hopefully – as the Ancient Greeks would have it – “educate through pleasure”.


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