Ancestors is a new art project that responds to the Covid-19 pandemic and Climate Change challenges in the form of an outdoor site-responsive installation of new sculptures by Bettina Seitz on Oyster Island, Rosses Point, Co. Sligo. It will be presented to national and international audiences through the eyes of the photographers and videographers Fionn Rogers and Peter Martin through a series of visual daily online presentations of the exhibition during the Tread Softly festival in August 2021. Ancestors will be accessible via the Tread Softly festival website and various social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Posters, distributed countywide, for the event will include QR codes for scanning, allowing immediate access to the project. Ancestors will take the form of an installation of ghost-like, life-size figures representing the former inhabitants of Oyster Island.

Oyster Island is an uninhabited island situated in the Sligo Inner Bay 180m off the shoreline of Rosses Point village. Traces of its former inhabitants, mainly lighthouse keepers and their families, can be seen in the form of empty houses on the island and the lighthouse. While it will be possible to see the sculptures from the shore the primary focus of the project is to present the work online through photography and video. The project will take place August 2nd – 10th, 2021 as part of the Tread Softly festival.

Bealach Cois Cósta an Eachrois, A Dramatic Narrative Film bringing our historical heritage to life.

This project seeks to re-enact and portray the genuine history and characters from the past history of Aughris headland casting a magnifying lens on three particular areas of the coastal walk, the Holy Well and Mass Rock, The historic World War 2 Look Out Post and the Deserted village of Aughris. Windmill Players intend to bring the historical heritage of this coastal walk to life in a creative and innovative way through the medium of film, thus accessing a much larger audience and involving the local community and local creative professionals within the approved guidelines. The project will take place from July to August.