The legends have long talked of Blackbeard the Pirate, a fearsome pirate who roamed the seas and gathered a great treasure before meeting his final end. His treasure remained unfound. But they say he left behind a challenge for those who might find his secret lair one day—a challenge of wit and riddles that would lead in turn to the location of his great treasure trove.

Now, that secret lair has been discovered and you and your group of fellow archeologists must enter it and find the clues that will lead to the treasure itself.

The Pirates Code is an exciting online escape room with an interactive room, puzzles, and even a ghost lurking for you to encounter. The teams of players must work together to solve the challenges within a limited timeframe. Have you the skills and knowledge to achieve success?

This interactive event is limited to 21 participants and will be taking place via Zoom on June 12th.

Age 9+

3 games x 7 places (21 places in total).

Three sessions between 10.30am – 12Noon

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