What is Ireland Reads?

Ireland Reads is a new campaign to get the whole country reading this month in the lead up to a national day of reading on Thursday, February 25. Irish libraries have teamed up with publishers, booksellers, authors and others for the campaign which is part of the government Keep Well initiative and aims to celebrate reading and all the benefits it can have for wellbeing and enjoyment. The campaign is asking everyone to ‘squeeze in a read’ on Thursday, February 25.

Why is reading important?

Research shows that reading for pleasure is really important for all of us – no matter our age. For children, of course, it has a huge positive impact on their cognitive development and literacy. For adults, studies have found that reading for pleasure enhances empathy, understanding of the self, and is effective in combatting loneliness. Right now, many of the activities we used to take for granted are not available to us, but you can always enjoy a good book – or a newspaper or magazine. Reading offers a way to escape and keep mentally active, and to lift our mood, and it doesn’t have to be a solitary experience – you can read with your kids of course, or you might use reading to connect with friends and family. Maybe through a book club, or just swapping recommendations.

How can people join in the campaign?

It doesn’t matter how long you read for or what you read, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an avid reader, a reluctant reader, a lapsed reader or a new reader, this campaign is for you. Take the pledge to read at irelandreads.ie A new website www.irelandreads.ie has been set up where the public can pledge to read on ‘Ireland Reads’ Day, February 25th, and check to see how much time has been pledged by the Irish public so far.

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