Sinéad O’Hanlon is a Fashion and Accessories Designer, Fashion Stylist, Artistic Direction/ Styling. Creative Art and Crafts teacher.

Here are the List of materials for the creative workshop.

Beaded fairies and beaded characters.

  1. Soft flexible wire (non sharp) I like fine green garden wire it’s easy to bend and cut.
  2. Selection of coloured beads, small/Medium & Suitable for attaching to the wire.
  3. Fabric flower petals (for fairy skirt) I buy individual flowers and take the petals apart
  4. Feather wings (white/coloured Feathers) or fabric leaves
  5. Glitter Paint & brush. PVA glue/hot Glue (hot glue for parents)
  6. Kids Craft scissors and wool
  7. Fabric for fairy skirt/superhero cape (optional)

*Parents can choose the most suitable materials for their Children’s age group.

We will have a number of competitions throughout the day.

Each competition will have three age categories:

  • Under 5
  • Age 5-8
  • Age 9+

There will be a prize awarded for each category.

Submissions can be added to the Comment section under each event using #creativeireland or, submitting by Direct Messaging.

Competition Deadline is Friday, 26th of June at 4pm.

Go on, have a go, unleash your creative spirit and you might win a prize!
#CreativeIreland #Inthistogether