Sligo Colmcille 1500, Creative Ireland Funded Events

Short Film The Battle of the Book – The Story of Colmcille and Sligo

Creative Ireland funding supported the making of a short narrated film The Battle of the Book -The Story of Colmcille and Sligo. This short film tells the story of the Battle of the Book which followed from Colmcille copying a psalter belonging to St. Finnian, his refusal to hand over the copy (The Cathach), and High King Diarmait’s ruling “to every cow her calf, to every book its copy.”

The subsequent battle at Cúl Dreimhne (Cooldrumman) County Sligo in 560AD resulted in the loss of 3,000 lives, and concluded with Colmcille’s self-imposed exile to Iona, Scotland.

Commissioned as part of the Sligo Colmcille 2021 programme, this film is included on the SligoColmcille2021 website and shared with programme partners.

This project was facilitated by the North Sligo group, Rathcormac Tidy Towns and can be viewed now.

The Book of Sligo

“Representing 1,500 years of history, a symbol of our time here in the northwest, we get our first citizen to present that to a child refugee from another country. Then we as a community give copies of that book to Sligo’s 24,500 households. It’s like a ritual” is how Niall Henry, Blue Raincoat Theatre Company Director described this innovative project. A curated book, produced by the Blue Raincoat Theatre Company, and supported by Creative Ireland Funding. See the Blue Raincoat’s website for more information.

Colmcille, the Cathach and Cúl Dreimne

Sligo Libraries Local Studies has commissioned a lecture by Dr. Brian Lacey entitled ‘Colmcille, the Cathach and Cúl Dreimne: comparing history with legend.’ Dr. Brian Lacey, archaeologist, historian and Colmcille scholar will take viewers through these important aspects of Colmcille and look at the historical details that underpin the legend. This lecture will premiere on Sligo Libraries social media on 9th June 2021. Image from The Cathach used with permission of The Royal Irish Academy.

Colmcille Digital Schools Project

Sligo Libraries are participating in this cross border project with Donegal Library Services, Meath Library Services, Libraries NI and the Nerve Centre, Creative Media Arts Centre. Working with local primary school children, this project aims to develop and deliver a re-imagined version of the Schools’ Folklore Collection associated with Colmcille. Through facilitated workshops the stories will be compiled, selected and oral recordings made of the children reading their own stories. 10 Colmcille folklore digitally animated stories will be the culmination of this work. The schools will each receive copies of the animations with an online showcase of the children’s creations scheduled for 7th December 2021. Image from The Cathach used with permission of The Royal Irish Academy.