What are Archives?

Archives are primary sources. They are evidence of human activity, worthy of long-term preservation. They come in various formats and media including paper records, electronic records (e.g. on computer disks), maps, plans, photographs, drawings, sound recordings and film.

Archives in Sligo

Sligo County Council employs an Archivist in accordance with its statutory obligations under the Local Government Acts of 1994 and 2001. The Archivist is responsible for the care of the archives and records in the custody of the council. They include the archives of the council itself; those of former local authorities within the county including Sligo Borough Council; Sligo Harbour Commissioners; County Sligo Grand Jury, the boards of guardians of the poor law unions; the rural district councils; and archives of private origin.

Would you like to deposit Archives with us?

Have you letters, photographs, deeds, ledgers or other records? If so, Sligo County Archives would like to hear from you because what you have may be of interest. We are delighted to receive items by donation or loan and can assure all depositors that their collections will be properly stored and cared for. Specific queries may be addressed to:

Donal Tinney,
County Librarian,
Sligo Library Headquarters,
Stephen Street,
E-mail: [email protected]

While the present system of local government dates largely from a parliamentary act of 1898, there were earlier local authorities with long histories. Many of their archives have survived.